The Gozo Cat Detectives Vol. 2

The Gozo Cat Detectives: Trilogy 2 are stories about courageous, curious cats and the animal friends they meet in the course of their adventures, as they travel around Gozo solving mysteries and bringing happiness and understanding wherever they can.

The Gozo Cat Detectives: Trilogy 2 is a valuable contribution to the body of useful literature, populated by animals, that helps us all to get through life’s difficulties with tolerance, bravery, humour, mutual support in problem solving, understanding and love.

The mysteries explored in this second volume are entitled “A Prickly Problem”, “The Vanishing Rabbits Magic Trick” and “The Vegetable Plot under the Starry Sky.” All characters in the books are real, although not necessarily in their portrayed form.

The Gozo Cat Detectives: Trilogy 2 is available through Amazon and also via the publishers, Faraxa Publishing

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