I met Max in 2014 too, also thanks to Gozo SPCA.  We thought Ziggy needed a companion as he seemed to miss Dusty a lot.  Max had been found under a car bonnet and was almost completely bald, with just a wispy covering of black fur over his grey skin.  He and Ziggy hit it off at once, and Whistler became even more of a proud father!  Madam became a firm friend of his, and everyone settled down to a life in the sunshine.

Max is quite the strangest cat I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.  He keeps human hours, up all day and asleep at night.  He makes toys for himself with bits of twig, which he weaves into the netting of the fly screens.  He then tries to extricate them, so my fly screen bill is fairly steep. His most annoying habit is beheading hibiscus buds just as they’re on the point of flowering.  He then plays football with them, with such skill that I sometimes wonder if he isn’t George Best reincarnated.  He’s also a great ballet dancer and gives me hours of amusement as he twirls and pirouettes in the courtyard, uttering little songs of joy as he does so.  He’s a great companion.

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