I met Missy in 2015, as I needed a woman in my life after Madam’s departure.  She’d been rescued by a friend of mine, and, with her magical colouring and feisty eyes, seemed the sort of girl to stand up to the lads.  At that stage, her fur appeared of normal length.  Ziggy didn’t like her much, to begin with, so we had a few days of hissing to cope with, but for Max, it was love at first sight.  They became inseparable. Once Ziggy saw this, he relented, and harmony eventually prevailed.  Then, almost overnight, Missy started to take on an almost yak-like appearance in the fur department.  It grew and grew, though she remained as tiny as ever.  It was as if all her energy was devoted to hairiness.  She looked like a tiny puffball.  After a couple of months she started to mature – first, her tail took on an epic scale, then her body lengthened.  Her head expanded, and now, finally, her legs are getting longer.  She’s still petite but now at least she’s in proportion.

She’s quite severe in her manner and tells you immediately in strident tones if you’re not meeting her rigorous expectations.  I always imagine her dashing around with a clipboard and a stubby pencil, organising things and people.  I half expect to see everything arranged in height order when I come downstairs in the morning.  She’s certainly got the lads knocked into shape, and I’m tidier than I used to be. Which is no mean achievement!

She’s a perfect addition to the family and a vital member of The Gozo Cat Detectives.

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