I met Ziggy in 2014 thanks to Gozo SPCA.  He’d been discovered in a cardboard box along with his sister Dusty.  We took them both in, but Dusty wasn’t really equipped for the rigours of life and sadly went ahead of Madam to the joys of hedonism and Fortnum’s.

Ziggy (named after a David Bowie creation) was full of mischief and an obsessive desire for food from day one.  If you didn’t watch out, he’d land on your dinner plate and eat the lot and had on many an occasion to be barred from the kitchen, amidst dreadful cries of protest. .His manners have improved slightly, largely thanks to Madam giving him a piece of her mind.  She took to him very well, and his arrival transformed Whistler into a proud, but somewhat confused, father.  He and Ziggy are best friends and love to engage in manly wrestling prior to dinner.

If breakfast isn’t served on time, Ziggy’s the one who jumps on your head when you’re trying to get a lie-in.  Fearful of further consequences you leap out of bed and obey orders.  That’s cats.

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