How I came to write the “Gozo Cat Detectives” book

Animals have always played a big part in my life.  I am an only child and was subjected to severe and prolonged bullying at school, but I was fortunate to have a big garden with an orchard.  I spent all my free time in that orchard, climbing trees, observing nature, and reading an improving book.  Animals became my refuge and my friends.  I feel more comfortable with animals than I do with people.

Madam on the bed, GozoMadam was a true friend and a great companion.  We went through a lot together, but never let each other down.  When she headed off to Fortnum’s, which is my favourite shop (that’s why I like to think of her ordering tasty snacks from their wonderful selection), I was very lonely and sad.  The sadness wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried, so I thought “I must turn this grief into something positive.  I shall make Madam famous”.

Always an admirer of detective stories, but unable to write about people because of my childhood experiences, I decided to create The Gozo Cat Detectives.  All the characters in it are people that I’ve met in my life, but turned into the animals I think they’d be if they weren’t human beings.

I hope that the stories are inspiring, amusing and helpful.  There are many more to come.