Shortly before Christmas, the Gozo Cat Detectives were huddled in front of the laptop under the duvet trying to keep warm.  They came across a photograph of a very sad kitten on the Gozo SPCA page on Facebook.  She was tiny and white and one of her eyes was very sore indeed.  She looked terribly depressed and was apparently in need of a safe home with lashings of food and cuddles.  They looked at each other and looked at the food that was left over in their breakfast bowls, and thought maybe, just maybe, there might be room for a kitten in their lives.  She could help out Missy in the administration department, if nothing else, and perhaps she and Max could do black and white advertising; whatever that was.  They left the page open for the person they looked after to stumble upon by accident, and they waited to see what might happen.

The next day the dreaded cat box, normally associated with a trip to the vets, appeared in the hall, and a lovely soft towel was put inside it.  Everyone ran just in case!  A car was heard drawing up outside the house, and, once they heard the front door close, the fearless detectives emerged from their hiding places with a sigh of relief and a little hope in their hearts.  A little while later, the front door opened and the cat box re-appeared, to be taken upstairs to a bedroom with extra duvets and heating from which they were to be mysteriously excluded for some time.  A few weeks passed, and they got very cross and frustrated: who was in there and why were they getting special treatment?  Ziggy was counting the food sachets going upstairs, Max wanted to make friends, Missy was wondering how tall it was in the height order department and Whistler assumed his usual indifferent stance, though he felt things had a whiff of Madam in the air.

Appearance of kitten, Astral SqueaksQuite unexpectedly, on a Wednesday morning, the bedroom door was opened.  They ventured in.  Ziggy ate all the cat food and Max stuck his head under the bed to see what was going on.  There she was – the little white kitten from Facebook.  Her eye was better, she was bigger than expected, and had a very loud growl.  They pretended to be scared and ran away.  They knew how frightening it was to be in a new place, meeting new friends after you’d had a traumatic time – she needed space and time to build up her confidence.  They were sad they couldn’t get to know her all at once, but they were very happy that she had found a home with them.  Whistler was even more certain than ever that Madam was involved in the matter.

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